Spiritual Wealth  

An examination of those among us that understand their spiritual well being is without peer as they grow into a purposeful life.

Thomas had a lot of time as a monk for deep religious thoughts then exited the monastery to become a psychologist and writer.
John Stewart wrote and performed a song that for me pretty much sums up the layman's understanding of Jesus' life.
Gene Scarborough originally made the following comment on BCN. It is presented here as a stand alone post as it may provide a historical basis for thought and reflection.
The Catholicism Answer Book: The 300 Most Frequently Asked Questions Jan 1, 2007 by Kenneth Brighenti Ph.D. Rev. and John Trigilio Jr. Ph.D.
On the other extreme, is my next door neighbor. He is one of the finest Criminal Defense Lawyers in Eastern NC. On his vehicle is a bumper sticker: WOULD JESUS EXECUTE?
I just read this most interesting account of the growth of women as pastors in Baptist churches.

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