"Good in the Kitchen"  

Recipes indigenous to North Carolina, and we do unapologetically borrow from the a cappella “Good in the Kitchen,” from our bluegrass friends, Bearfoot: “South Louisiana, North Carolina, you bring the biscuits and we’ll make Jambalaya.”

Coffee liqueur is a most delicious drink - especially if you love the smell and taste of good coffee.
When, on the rare occasion, I stumble upon a recipe that would delight both the busy chef and the beach babe, I feel it my duty to share it with the world.
A burger and fries may sound like an invitation to obesity or a heart attack; but not eating a burger and fries is a definite summons to every illness for which stress is listed as a causing factor.
I have found that if I coat my insides with a warm layer of velvety bisque, while undertaking house chores or leisure, I am able to move more freely of blankets than I would be able to do otherwise.
Perhaps the reason I hesitated, this year, to venture to Smoke on the Water, was the near full pot of homemade chili ready and waiting in my own fridge.
There's no doubt that cooking for a hungry and appreciative crowd is more fulfilling than 'cooking for one'--that is, unless you happen to have the perfect recipe.
The confidence boost provided by this light meal and our Firefly Tea cocktails made critiquing the celebrities as they walked the red carpet that much more fun.
At this point, I’ve tired of fried zucchini, squash casserole, the Southern favorite ‘Fire and Ice’ and stir fry. I’m on to coming up with ideas for fun and fresh salads that c
According to my great-grandmother, there’s absolutely no need to add cream to make Creamed Corn, since corn is perfectly capable of surrendering its own milk, right from the cob.
Pigs may still be filthy animals, but, as John Travolta said in Pulp Fiction, “bacon tastes good. Pork chops taste good.”

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