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In every local region there are daily events: planned, serendiptous, environmental and unavoidable that deserve mention.

The 2016 centennial of North Carolina's state parks system will launch at Goose Creek State Park with a First Day Hike on Jan. 1, an opportunity to begin the New Year with exercise, family adventure and a reconnection with nature, according to the N.C. Division of Parks and Recreation.
Walk into the Pitt County Care Clinic on any given Sunday afternoon and you will see a group of enthusiastic yet nervous medical students huddled together, chatting to ease their nerves. Each of them is ready to experience their first dose of patient interaction.
East Carolina University has been named one of the best colleges in the Southeast region based on its academic programs by The Princeton Review - an educational services company known for its annual college ratings.
After serving active duty in several conflicts, graduate psychologist Kevin Woodrow now works with fellow veterans struggling with mental health issues. He will receive his doctoral degree in clinical health psychology from ECU on Dec. 18.
In this most eclectic mix-bag of videos, we stay in the holiday spirit, as we move ever closer to Christmas Day.
This clip is from 1986, Al Albert's Showcase based in Philadelphia. It was a talent show for local kids.
Just this past weekend, December 12, 2015, I experienced a fine local production of the Peter Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker, by the Greenville, North Carolina based NC Academy of Dance Arts / Dance Arts Theatre, featuring guest performers from the New York Ballet, and the Washington Ballet intermingled w
Several dozen physicians from the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University have been chosen by their peers for inclusion in the 2015 "Best Doctors in America" list.
RALEIGH -- Gov. Pat McCrory last week pleaded with parents across North Carolina to talk to their children about underage consumption of alcohol.
Digital devices dominate hopes and headlines in education today. They're heralded as a way to boost learning outcomes, sharpen 21st-century skills, and narrow achievement gaps
Some political pundits talk about a monolithic group called the Christian Right, social conservatives who march in lockstep behind a standard set of socially conservative political views
As the 2016 election cycle approaches, North Carolina voters will witness a spirited political debate about how best to promote economic growth
"We have become so politically correct ... we don't know what the hell we're doing," Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said during a Friday night campaign rally at Raleigh's Dorton Arena
Commentators and academic analysts trying to make sense of North Carolina's fascinating and ever-changing politics have been arguing lately that the state is becoming increasingly urbanized - and that this trend portends significant shifts in voting behavior and electoral outcomes
East Carolina University Honors College student Erika Dietrick discovered her passion during an honors research colloquium featuring ECU biology professor Dr. Claudia Jolls.
Children in the preschool classroom of East Carolina University's Nancy Darden Child Development Center learned to make slime without a recipe.
She arrived as an unpaid intern at the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina, and now East Carolina University junior nursing student Aleigha Criego is having a hard time leaving.
Many regional locals remember The Barefoot Movement and how wonderful this young band plays so well their stringed instruments and just how they harmonize together.
Governor Pat McCrory and First Lady Ann McCrory offered the following statement in celebration of one of the most joyous times on the Jewish calendar, Hanukkah-The Festival of Lights.
The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is one of those niche European groups that incorporate the older classical melodies with the subtle twist of their unique, and very present now to create a memorable musical moment.
Greenpeace's vision of Father Christmas is a shabbily dressed Kris Kringle, who appears to be appropriately 'down on his luck', and at his 'wits end' relative to his immediate climate - it is too warm where he lives - the North Pole.
The Washington Christmas parade as viewed, and recorded, from the intersection of Main Street, Stewart Parkway and Gladden Street in front of Bill's Hot Dogs.
I have long felt that Greg Lake / Pete Sinfield 's "I believe in Father Christmas" is one of the more creative modern Christmas songs created in my lifetime. I have never been a huge fan of Emerson, Lake and Palmer, but I am a big fan of Greg Lake's ode to the British Santa.
Clark Griswold, the iconic well-meaning father of this age, shares his Christmas Vacation with us, and it is one that many of us will never forget.
The Good Lovelies are in the Christmas Spirit, and we are too. "Santa Baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight."
David Bowie and Bing Crosby teamed up for the most unusual pairing of the most unnatural crooners in the history of all duets, and, remarkably, were a tremendous success in their rendition of "Little Drummer Boy", with a hastily written back melody "Peace on Earth." This rare pairing occurred in 1
Pamela Zimmerman opened her first Etsy shop in 2008, and has had over 6.000 sales there. Although she was a Fiber Artist of international standing, with hundreds of awards to her credit and work appearing in numerous books, magazines and articles, Pamela found her work was not very marketable in...
I almost hate to offer this edition of Christmas songs, but humor is always a great picker-upper this time of year.
James Gregory is in a class all by himself...his humor transcends all barriers: social, economic, racial or whatever...
The Piano Guys are back for Christmas, 2015, and we are blessed to bring you a generous helping of their rare and fun talent videos.
One of Sydney Howard's favorite childhood memories is helping her grandmother, Rep.Julia Howard, campaign for political office.
East Carolina University today opened a new 3D design and prototyping center and announced the start of a workforce-development program that strengthens students' skills and promotes economic development.
It is not an odd grouping at all; One about home, one about hope and one about peace, that about covers it for me.
Remember the line "It's late September and I really should be getting back to school." If you do, you should remember Rod Stewart's first big hit, "Maggie May", with his band, Faces.
Governor Pat McCrory and First Lady Ann McCrory invite you to celebrate the joy of the Christmas season in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains for the annual Holiday Open House at the Governor's Western Residence. The 6,000 square foot home and open pavilion situated atop 18 acres of wooded...
The Piano Guys are back for Christmas, 2015, and we are blessed to bring you a generous helping of their rare and fun talent videos.
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