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Civitas' annual poll of unaffiliated North Carolina voters provides insights into the views of this key voting bloc as the state heads into the election season.
East Carolina University's Beth Velde will be inducted Oct. 7 to a policy group dedicated to honoring scholarship and service at college campuses nationwide.
Governor Pat McCrory issued the following statement after speaking with Jack Truong, president and CEO of Electrolux Major Appliances North America and executive vice president of AB Electrolux.
Labor unions and "moral" activists have once again somehow convinced a few of the poorest and least educated workers in the Triangle to walk off their jobs and demand publicly that they all be priced out of work and their jobs be taken by machines.
I believe South Carolina congressman Joe Wilson would like to have a word with the Hagan campaign, state and national Democrats, and their lackeys in the drive-by media.
The headlines sounded great. 56 percent of our students passed their end of grade tests, compared to just 44 percent last year.
"I always want my students to start with facts, and the fact is Thom Tillis is terrible for education in North Carolina."
Facebook went down at 8:11 pm, and has not come back up as of this post.
Filmmaker Andrew Rossi is fascinated by creative destruction--a concept that sheds light on how new and innovative technology can disrupt and even topple an entire industry (e.g., Ford's Model T vs. horse-and-buggy manufacturers).
focus on human rights will bring together musicians from around the world to perform in a free concert at Beaufort County Community College at noon on Thursday, Sept. 18, outside the lower level of Building 5.
North Carolina's public schools have just released end-of-grade and end-of-course test scores for the 2013-14 school year.
From zero to 142 majors in one year is rapid growth for a new degree program at East Carolina University. The university studies program has experienced that surge because its flexible curriculum appeals to a definite niche of students, officials said.
Governor Pat McCrory announced today he will let the Coal Ash Management Act, passed by North Carolina's General Assembly Aug. 20, become law without his signature. The governor said that while the bill continues the aggressive approach his administration has taken to attack the coal ash issue...
If Food and Drug Administration regulators adopt new regulations that would place premium, hand-made cigars under the jurisdiction of a law originally passed to regulate cigarettes, sellers of the premium cigars say the changes could put them out of business.
Governor Pat McCrory has ordered all North Carolina and United States flags to be lowered to half-staff on all state facilities from sunrise to sunset on Thursday, September 11, in recognition of Patriot Day.
Tillis campaign pollster Glen Bolger, whose firm is known by the unfortunate acronym POS, has released a poll showing the 2014 US Senate race all knotted up at 44 percent apiece.
I had to convince myself repeatedly that this was NOT a Saturday Night Live skit. The drive-bys subjected us AND the candidates with some moronic, leftist questions.
True Conservatives understand why our country is falling apart. It's not that we lack the power and the ability to be the country we used to be; it's that our citizenry has willfully and ignorantly abandoned a moral imperative to defend our American ideals by living those ideals.
The latest poll on North Carolina's U.S. Senate race has Republican Thom Tillis (43 percent) and Democrat Kay Hagan (42 percent) neck-and-neck, with Libertarian Sean Haugh at 5 percent and 10 percent of likely voters still undecided.
Twenty-seven years of studying the bacterium Brucella have only served to increase Dr. Marty Roop's fascination with it. That's a good thing, because Roop, professor in the Brody School of Medicine's Department of Microbiology and Immunology, recently landed a grant from the National Institutes...
2033, Welcome to America,a nation reborn by the glorious New Founding Fathers. Tonight we will cleanse the hatred from our hearts with the sixth annual purge.
We have been hearing a lot about tax inversions lately. According to a NY Times article by Josh Barro published on 8/9/14, tax inversion is "... a tax avoidance maneuver in which an American company is acquired by a smaller foreign competitor, allowing it to move its tax residency abroad.
If your email gets a "Morning Jolt" or you consult "The Campaign Spot" regularly at National Review Online, you know that Jim Geraghty keeps a close watch on electoral developments across the country. Geraghty is a contributing editor at National Review. During a recent visit to North Carolina...
A good friend of mine knows my political position = INDEPENDENT who leans Democrat. He also knows that I DISPISE people who use hate and division to get a political advantage.
The next time you are speeding or tempted to do so you might want to remember this information: North Carolina's car insurance premiums are among the lowest in the country - that is, as long as drivers stay on the right side of the law.
I'll be the first to admit that I use Facebook to promote BCN's posts. That is one of the duties that online publishers do. I also meta-tag, often and well in many nooks and crannies to push BCN's post higher in Search. It is the least I can do for my contributors.
On Friday morning September 5th US Congressman Walter Jones released through his chief of staff a resounding endorsement for Mattie Lawson for NC House of Representatives for District 6.
For many of us, Labor Day signifies the last day of summer. For local governments, it is the day property tax bills are sent to millions of citizens. Property taxes are one of the oldest forms of taxation in North Carolina and were used through the 1930s as a joint tax by state and local...
Divergent, in the similar formula of Hunger Games, proposes a future world forever changed by a cataclysmic event, against the simmering backdrop of teen angst, and maturing relationships of the opposite sex.
"Health Discoveries," a production of ECU-TV, will launch at 6 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 31. The "Health Discoveries" series, hosted by Dr. Samuel F. Sears, will highlight specific successes of East Carolina University faculty in solving important health problems via research, teaching and service.
What was so disturbing about those political consultants, unaffectionately known as the 'Three Stooges' (WSG), is that they participated in the slander of my person through the mailers and the whisper campaign employing only pure lies about my good character.
We will offer this allotment of three with more to come; some old, most new, but all quite informative, and, moreover, necessary to understanding that in North Carolina, there is a wiser path to govern ourselves and our People.
The Tills race is a must, due to the fact that if he does not win we are not just going to get Hagen back, but also the democrats will likely retain control of the senate, which means Harry Reid will be the senate majority leader again.
Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) was commended by national grassroots organization "In God We Trust" for his work to pass H.R. 343, a bill he introduced to protect military chaplains' right to close prayers outside of a religious service according to the dictates of their own consciences.
Most of the 1,429 unaccompanied minors relocated to North Carolina after they entered the United States illegally were released to host families in Mecklenburg, Durham, and Wake counties, raising health and safety concerns, as well as concerns about increased education costs to local governments.
Today, David Herman, MD, president and CEO of Vidant Health, announced the appointment of Brian Floyd as president of Vidant Medical Center in Greenville, NC, effective October 1, 2014.