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Earl Jones wants to win back the North Carolina House District 60 seat he lost four years ago, but will have to defeat Cecil Brockman, a campaign strategist who helped to oust him from the General Assembly, and David Small, a youthful small business owner.
Actually they were taken during a repo / collection action carried out by federal agents against American citizens in Nevada.
East Carolina University will host the first track event held at the new Olympic Sports Complex this weekend when athletes from ECU and three visiting schools gather to compete in the Bill Carson Invitational.
To make a long story short, the great debate in North Carolina politics concerns how state and local governments can best promote economic growth and opportunity. Opinions differ widely, as one might expect. But generally speaking, they can be grouped into three schools of thought that bear...
In 2010, when tiny Peace College in downtown Raleigh hired a new president, a cascade of changes began, all designed to protect the future of the institution.
The film, "Gravity", makes two broad statements: Outer Space affords one magnificent visual beauty, and there is no place more dangerous in sustaining one's life force.
Governor Pat McCrory released the following statement after North Carolina's unemployment rate dropped to 6.3 percent in March, adding over 10,000 jobs in the past month and 56,000 over the last year.
Duke Energy has selected five North Carolina properties for participation in its 2014 Site Readiness Program to prepare the properties for potential industrial development.
So good 'ol Hillary gets a shoe thrown at her. It missed. She was giving the keynote address at the Las Vegas meeting of the Institute of Scrap and Recycling Industries.
As he drove 50 mph across his pasture, it became more and more clear to Mike Corn that the coyote he was chasing was going to make it back to the safety of the trees.
The latest federal employment data for North Carolina support the case that a fiscally conservative approach to state fiscal policy is helping improve the economy's long-term outlook. That's the assessment from John Locke Foundation President John Hood.
Leo W. Jenkins would not look upon his latest triumph as a personal gain – instead, it would be a victory for East Carolina University and its region.
Governor Pat McCrory announced today that the budget he will present to the General Assembly will call for in-state tuition for veterans attending North Carolina's 58 community colleges.
GOP Senate candidate Dr. Greg Brannon handily won the straw poll among delegates and alternates attending the First Congressional District Republican convention held Saturday.
Four years ago the State Statute required re-evaluation across NC. Our local tax office here in Beaufort County honestly told them the real estate bubble had burst and prices were going down rather than up.
East Carolina University students have turned bananas into dolphins and grapes into balls to tempt kids to try new snacks. Making food healthy and appealing is one of the goals of Snack RX, a program designed and operated by ECU nutrition science students in the College of Human Ecology...
We will offer this allotment of three with more to come; some old, most new, but all quite informative, and, moreover, necessary to understanding that in North Carolina, there is a wiser path to govern ourselves and our People.
The House Oversight Committee, who are also charged with discovering the truth on countless other scandals, which have swamped the incredible Barack Hussein Obama presidency, are tasked with the responsibility to accomplish this unenviable feat to know who is ultimately responsible.
A bit of advice before going on Laura Ingraham's radio program: Put on your Big Boy / Big Girl Pants. (Laura is tough. She throws no softballs, and makes you defend every pause, comma and apostrophe.)
Every time a new study comes out regarding the "payoff" from college, I wonder: Will this finally be the one that takes note of widespread underemployment among recent grads and comprehends the impact of credential inflation?
The past electoral successes of the two candidates running in the Republican primary for the 26th District of the N.C. House of Representatives could not be more different.
First annual Car, Truck and Bike show at Beaufort County Community College, located in Washington, North Carolina on April 5th, 2014.
Governor Pat McCrory and Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker announced today that Cambro Manufacturing Company is locating its North Carolina manufacturing operations in Alamance County.
Washington, NC is the same as Washington, DC when it comes to making bad decisions, dirty dealing and subverting the State and Federal Constitutions.
Three Republican candidates are battling for their party's nomination to succeed Democrat Mike McIntyre as North Carolina's 7th District Congressman. McIntyre, who held the job for nine two-year terms, chose not to seek re-election this year. He won his race two years ago by just...
Martin "Marty" Cooper was the Motorola engineer who spearheaded the development of an invention that most Americans cannot live without -- the handheld mobile phone.
Martin "Marty" Cooper was the Motorola engineer who spearheaded the development of an invention that most Americans cannot live without -- the handheld mobile phone.
I don't blame Thom Tillis for refusing to attend one of the three televised GOP Senate primary debates. The only mystery is why he (or any candidate) is bothering with any of them.
Undergraduate students across the country are vying for the chance to spend this summer conducting research in biomedical engineering at East Carolina University - a new program funded by a $287,949 grant from the National Science Foundation.
Liberal activists may fume, and left-wing editorialists may grind their teeth, but legislative leaders are going to defend energetically their 2013 opportunity scholarship bill against lawsuits by the teacher union and other special interests.
CenturyLink recently contributed $500 to the campaign mounted by the Beaufort County Community College Foundation to build a digital sign at the front of the campus along U.S. Highway 264.
Governor Pat McCrory announced a plan today that would address coal ash ponds and strengthen environmental and health regulations.
ECU professor Alex Albright is continuing his quest to right an historical wrong suffered by a group of Greensboro college students who played an important role in integrating the armed forces during World War II.
The Republican primary for House District 94, which includes all of Alleghany County and most of Wilkes County, features two candidates with political experience and who should be familiar to Wilkes Countians.
I just read this most interesting account of the growth of women as pastors in Baptist churches.
Senatorial Candidates will speak with 30 min for audience questions. Most all LOCAL Republican candidates for Sherriff, Commissioner, etc. will also speak.
A surprising number of college and university presidents depart unexpectedly or face turmoil that nearly ends their tenure as president. Within the past six months, leaders of Illinois State, St. Augustine's, the University of Wyoming, Tuskegee University, Howard University, and SUNY-Upstate...