Galleries and Exhibits  

To fully appreciate the creative expression of our fellowmen and women, we all need to observe art in its natural home - the exhibit.

AOP to present the 2016 Hands on Arts Fall Festival. Join us at the Hands On Festival on September 24, 2016 at the Turnage Theater in historic downtown Washington, NC
On Wednesday Night, October 19, 2011, the Beaufort County Arts Council presented to their patrons and members an exclusive exhibit of the work of many artists, representing multiple mediums.
Since it opened a year ago, Lone Leaf Gallery has carved out its niche in the Eastern North Carolina art scene by combining a careful selection of local art with imported works.
Each piece in the exhibit is a visualization of the song of a specific bird—Hermit Thrush, Mourning Warbler, Robin, Winged Blackbird, Bluebird, Cerulean Warbler, Carolina Wren and Carolina Chickadee.
The inaugural Art Walk on Thursday, November 19, 2009, was a huge success for the shop owners, and moreover, the art lovers who filled the streets of Washington, North Carolina.
The Burrows and Chapin Art Museum, in Myrtle Beach, exhibits Soul's Journey: The Creative Process.
The Burrows and Chapin Art Museum, in Myrtle Beach, often has a wonderful local or regional artists representing their particular view of what appraoches a level worthy of the designation as art.
In Washington, North Carolina, the Lone Leaf Gallery does another show: This show featured visiting textile artist Kim Eichler - Messmer.
The North Carolina Museum of Art will move to the new museum, under construction, in its front yard off Blue Ridge Road. Let us all pray that it will be a better design to display much better art.

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