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Our section, throughout all the local NOW's, of previosly published writers, or in our opinion, should be. The bar is set high, however, we believe eveyone should be heard ... if they qualify.

After work we spent time in the berthing compartment (like a warehouse full of bunk beds). Near me was a small group of Cajuns (Louisiana French) who somehow knew each other from maybe a biker gang.
This skill is not part of the Memory Championship but 70 per cent of us suffer with No Sense of Direction.
If you do play poker, the principal show here can be adapted for most any other need.
My cousin Al was 50 years old owning 3000 acres of farm land in South Georgia barely making a living when the State ran an expressway through the middle of his land.
Not to complain but for the last 50 years politicians have offered me nothing.
I voted in 13 Presidential elections. Time after time, I enjoyed great speeches by seemingly powerful candidates who promised to solve existing problems foreign and domestic.
I read BT's last article...Don't Look Back. A quick survey of the four Georgia Writers revealed nobody is upset by the announcement of a Walk About.
As our job market becomes digitized, womanized, diversified and robotized, I would advise male students to read the Want Ads during the senior year of high school and get a clue to who has jobs and who does not.
We are talking about Big Lies. Professor Ariely's documentary explores our changing culture.
The British Media apologized and rewarded the Professor with a large financial settlement.
Alex Mullen won the 2015 Memory Championship and Hershey High School Pennsylvania students captured 4th, 5th, 6th; 17th place in this contest started by Tony Buzan, author of numerous books on the subject.
The Duke players received financial compensation and apologies from the Media. I imagine everybody in North Carolina has seen this documentary.
I sold Alarm Systems part time and learned a few things. For one thing, Police know all about burglars and criminals while Alarm Salesmen know how to scare you into signing a contract.
Sometimes facetious articles shed light on some dark subjects.
The Documentary portrays college as a dangerous place for women. Everybody knows this. At least once a week the news has another sad story.
Abductions and ATM robberies many times start with a physical attack so your response needs to be quick disabling hits called "get off me" maneuvers in order to pull your gun or pepper spray. You cannot let strangers close.
A facetious view of social engineering in the job market is sometimes necessary.
The thrill is gone. Carrying a concealed weapon for three weeks in the suburbs is boring.
At birth, we boarded the train of life and met our parents, and we believed that they would always travel by our side. However, at some station, our parents would step down from the train, leaving us on life's journey alone.
Last year I wrote about reclusive folks who enjoy Imaginary Friends on social media and about Robot Lovers.
You may not agree with some of Chad Prather's opinions but that is okay. Here he just defends his Georgia and Texas accent.
Have you ever asked yourself where did I park my car? My solution never got off the drawing board but there are newer technologies now that will help.
A project to preserve and reconstruct the original Tara Facade House from Gone with The Wind in Georgia
After retiring from the USN, Kristin, a decorated Navy Seal, began a transgender life. S/he states that even the LGB's do not understand the T's.
Scottish Museum has the history of the men in kilts and the Laptop can fill in the blanks. Some say the Romans introduced combat kilts to the Scots.
ports quotes guided my thought patterns for many years. You know most of them and Clint Eastwood's ..."know your limitations".
Question: Why can't transgender folks use a standard bathroom? Answer: Lawyers and psychologists want to make $200 hour redefining gender.
Hillary and Trump are displaying the new "Everybody is a Guy" modern example of how genders and races should treat each other in public.
Done properly, bird watching is expensive and highly intellectual. First, there is the travel to the center of migratory flight patterns.
Military boot camp is designed to test folks' physical and mental endurance but most of all for the ability to follow orders.
Dr. Ruth, sex expert 1960, was a sniper in the Israeli army. Julia Childs, cooking author, served in the WW2 OSS (now CIA). Why does the News Media think this is new News
Just an attempt at humor with a play on "What's in your wallet?"
Most all the vets had affordable Japanese SLR 35mm cameras with color film. The manual advance and focus did not need a battery but the light meter used a small battery.
Hillary has not asked for or received respect from the guys in this election and I am wondering if social engineering to render us a Genderless society is taking me out of my comfort zone.
When I read about bathrooms, college chalk prohibition, and safe space, my mind drifts to precious memories of the military.
I remember the old family friend who taught me to drive his old truck.
The left column of the BCN home page has the categories. Find Resources and select Popular Articles.
My youngest grandkid and her pre-teen friends just need a taxi. They have no interest in politics and history and I am interested in watching her play not teaching
Tiny homes are becoming popular with seniors wanting the convenience of suburban life during the week but loving the mountains or sea shore on weekends.
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