The Hood Territory  

It is a land where individual freedoms are celebrated, and the raising of an individual's taxes are not.

The Gang of Four, consisting of Commissioners Lnagley, Booth, Belcher, and Klemm, are proceeding to build a new jail as if the November elections are over and they won.
Think you know the answer to this question? I thought they represented the business interests of the City of Washington and the surrounding community with an occasional foray into Beaufort County business interests.
The Belhaven Hospital is closed, locked and being stripped of everything anyone may use to operate a hospital. Vidant the owner of the hospital business, also known as University Health Systems, presented the public with a reason.
Talk about split personalities, undefined goals, and confusing the information. You may be surprised to know what the real motives are behind the players. What looks like a mermaid is really an octopus.
I wrote an article during March of this year about how the military is trying to obtain air rights over several counties in eastern North Carolina using subtle deception.
Lying is a tough subject for most of us to talk about. The absolute, unvarnished truth can cause a lot of trouble. All of us are guilty, at times, of not telling the whole truth.
Last week I told you how the Gang of Four, comprised of Democrats Ed Booth, Jerry Langley, and Robert Belcher along with the ultimate RINO Al Klemm were going to spend Beaufort County's entire savings, about ten million dollars.
Sometimes people do not understand what their elected County Commissioner or Senator or House member are supposed to do.
The county and state budgets are no different from your household budget. Governments, other than the Federal Government, can not spend more than they take in.
I never cease to be amazed that there are residents of Beaufort County who continue to struggle to understand the jail issues. Some people are dedicated to the thought that every government and every person on the planet makes decisions based on facts, reason and logic.
Sheriff Alan Jordan made known to the county manager that I, a Beaufort County Commissioner, would not be allowed to enter "his building" if I showed up to accompany the structural engineer on his inspection of the building. This happened on Thursday April 10th.
Washington, NC is the same as Washington, DC when it comes to making bad decisions, dirty dealing and subverting the State and Federal Constitutions.
After a long battle the Vidant Pungo Hospital has been given the opportunity to continue operations as a new organization. At a minimum, there will be an emergency room with other services to be determined by the new management.
Three people showed up at the March Beaufort County Commissioners meeting to show us how brilliant they are. I once heard a man say "My mother always told my sibling to keep its mouth shut so people would not know how little she actually knew".
I am hearing a lot of chatter, actually criticism, about Beaufort County refusing to accept the $500,000 of so called "free money" offered to us by Vidant during the early stages of the closing of the Pungo District Hospital. Hyde County took the $250,000 offered to them.
I was there when the cowboys took charge of an environmental policy meeting inside the Washington beltway and thoroughly defeated the liberal, tree hugging environmentalists.
There's a story unfolding in Hyde County with Rose Acre Farms that every North Carolinian should not only be aware of but fighting mad about.
The counties of Beaufort, Bertie, Dare, Hyde, Tyrrell Washington and Wayne along with the Cities of Goldsboro and Washington were invited to attend an organizational meeting for a "Joint Land Use Policy Committee for the Seymour Johnson Air Force Base".
I wrote an article about ferry tolling last week. That article talked about current events. The issue of a major policy change in funding transportation has been around since at least 2007.
The new Beaufort County jail with sheriff's offices, magistrates offices, 911 offices, possibly a courtroom, and maybe a gym is moving slowly forward.
I thought we beat the issue of tolling ferries in Eastern North Carolina about a year ago. At that time there were meetings, newspaper articles, threats of political doom, and a lot of dancing by politicians.
For years I shied away from this. I thought everyone knew it. I assumed bringing it up would only show how shallow I am. After all, we are all Americans and knowing it should be like a genetic appendage.
He sent a Qualified Domestic Relations Order During November to seize past due child support from an absent parent's retirement account. That family should have a good Christmas.
While most Beaufort County voters are concerned about the way the new 20 million dollar jail experience has unfolded, I am not sure they know what the plan is.
There is an abundance of information. It is here, it is there, it is everywhere. Sometimes I feel like I am floating in a sea of information, reports, news programs, writings and whispered messages.
Occasionally my friends inquire about my emotional well being, remarking that I may spend too much time dealing with both solvable and unsolvable problems.
Political power tends to corrupt, absolute political power tends to corrupt absolutely.
During he October 7 Beaufort County Commissioners meeting , Hood Richardson made another motion seconded by Stan Deatherage to place a referendum for a new jail at the Chocowinity Industrial site on the ballot for the next general election in 2014.
County Commissioners are the lowest ranking elected officials empowered to make laws and levy taxes. These are essentially the same things the big boys do in Raleigh and Washington.
If you have never been deceived or lied to you may want to stop reading now. The rest of this article will have no meaning to you.
The liberal Larry Britt and Windy William Buonanno come to almost all the Beaufort County Commissioner meetings these days, and sit on the back row with somber scowling faces.
Seems some of our elected officials do not know about political manners or maybe plain common sense ethics.
Sheriff Jordan is still whining and barking about Commissioner Hood Richardson. Jordan is a slow learner.
The Beaufort County Board of Commissioners held a special called meeting on Monday (9-30-13) to discuss the closing of Pungo Hospital in Belhaven. At that meeting I read the following statement.
When reason gets stretched to the breaking point I start asking myself " What does everybody else know that I do not know?"
The present controversy between Sheriff Alan Jordan and this county commissioner has breathed new life into the question: What do county commissioner do? To put it another way what are the duties and responsibilities the public should expect from county commissioners.
On July 28 the liberal and uninformed Washington Daily News did an article implying the Republican majority in the Legislature was doing things behind the public's back.
Beaufort County commissioners voted have the jail open one day each week while prisoners are out of town and providing it did not interfere with repairs so the public could see what their jail looks like.
The local liberals, and constitutionally un-informed have rendered another editorial opinion that baffles all but the left wing socialists.
Sarah Palin re-invigorated the idea that a new political party could solve some of the problems with the two identical twin parties we have now.
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