Forgotten Classics  

Reviews of films that are the best of all time. These films are ones that we suggest you see before you expire.

How could I have not known that Lonesome Dove would arguably be the greatest pure Western of all time?
The Last Waltz is arguably Oscar Winner Martin Scorsese's best film as it documents The Band as they bid fairwell to an eclectic collection of their most adoring fans.
These two very dissimilar American Movies about the best, the worst and the weird that is an American Christmas are reviewed and enjoyed by the long time readers of BCN. Here we rehash the past for your continued perusal.
This remake of the 1939 film by Director / Actor Gary Sinise, of John Steinbeck's classic novel, communicates well lengths men will go to survive, and yet retain some semblance of dignity.
"Forrest Gump" is one of the five best films ever made. It is the best of American art ... in scope, in tone, in message.
Infrequent Screenwriter / Director Cameron Crowe made another indelible mark in this film about himself, and how he did, or may would have interacted with notable Rock 'n' Roll artists, who humorously struggle to become dysfunctional Rock 'n' Roll stars.
David is 11 years old. He weighs 60 pounds. He is 4 feet, 6 inches tall. He has brown hair. His love is real. But he is not.
Therefore, the Lord God banished Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden and placed a flaming sword to protect the tree of life. - Genesis 3:24
One man sought redemption, the other sought parity for the weak, powerless. Together they found themselves working for the Lord against those who were called to represent Him - the Catholic Church.
The 1971 film adaptation of the classic musical Fiddler on the Roof is not only one of the best musicals of all time; it is also one of the best movies ever made.
"Goodbye My Sweetheart, Hello Vietnam" This refrain from Dave Dudley's country ditty, an integral melody in the soundtrack of the classic "Full Metal Jacket" regarding a more patri
The film works! Outrageous premise: It is essentially why this film is so alluring. An entire film built around seeing the world through the eyes of one of America's most eclectic actors - John Malkovich.
Looking to the future can be hazardous to your health, or maybe not . That constant indecision of this film's meaning is normal for me - every time I see it.
Ridley Scott employed the perfect balance of narrative, cinematic imagery and adventure to build the timeless tale of a once great empire beginning its fall into the moral decay that was Rome.
Naivety and Innocence are Comfortable Collaborators in this humorous farce, Peter Sellers' second to his last movie, before his death in 1980, may also be his second best.
The Story of the best pulp fiction writer in "The Whole Wide World" was a whale of a tale. Pulp fiction writer Robert Ervin Howard, who in life was successful in the most difficult of times.
I always wanted to know an Atticus Finch, and yet I never quite met him. I never found him in any of my coaches, my teachers, my friends, the fathers of my friends.
Not just another teen angst meets brood vampire movie, "The Lost Boys" has always been special to me.
"But Now he's (Wyatt) going to be a marshal and an outlaw. Best of both worlds, son." These words were spoken by a tubercular Doc Holliday, played by a gaunt 145 pound Dennis Quaid.
Just the film title itself, "Pulp Fiction" denotes a lightweight film. If one dissects the story, the message, the importance of the film, "Pulp Fiction" comes up light.
Director Steven Spielberg chooses relatively unknown actors for his cast to go one step further to create a sense of familiarity in the audience.
Major Capra was fresh from his stint in the U.S. Army Signal Corps. Colonel Stewart had just provided the U.S. Army Air Corps his best years. And these two great patriots made one great film.
Travis Bickle is "God's lonely man," peering at New York through the rear-view mirror of his taxi cab. Though he tries to make sincere human connections, Bickle finds himself lonelier.
Clint Eastwood directs this classic, for which he won the Oscar, and he proved, once again, in his role as former gun for hire, William Munny, that he is also a great actor.
Royal "Died Tragically Rescuing his Family from the Wreckage of a Destroyed Sinking Battleship"
Michael Corleone, the youngest son of the venerable Don, grew into the role of the crime family's Godfather, but it was never a good fit.
This Francis Ford Coppola classic, about a man trying to hold his family together while seeking the American Dream, launched the careers of a number of America's greatest actors.
Inman is driven toward his inevitable purpose in this love story set against the backdrop of the Civil War in Virginia and North Carolina.
This tiny independent film is an enigma. It is also one of the ten most important indies in the last 25 years for one reason: It could not have survived, and prospered without its singular visionary.
"Vanilla Sky," as the remake of the Spanish film "Open Your Eyes," is one of the most misunderstood films of that decade, and is generally fated as the lesser film as the remake.
Once Upon a Time in the West is a surreal exploration of an Italian director's view of the lawless West.
They came from all over the United States to become part of something new - the 101st Airborne. These young Americans learned how to fight, but moreover, they learned to be brothers.
One of the 10 best films in the last 25 years is the film that offers each of us a unique perspective into our well considered lives.
Once Upon a Time in America, one of the three best films ever made about the crime gang motif, is equally outstanding as a surreal depiction of an immigrant's lot in 1920's America.

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