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We wish to expose the various businesses providing the variety of services that support the marketplace within the vaious communities, as we all care for the folks of Beaufort County.

In an effort to contain costs, and remain economically viable, in the fluid phosphate ore market that is worldwide and truly in a state of economic flux, Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan is giving the 'pink slip' to about 1000 employees spread across their entire corporate footprint.
Recently an associate of mine in other professional life, county commissioner expressed to me, "I really like Beaufort County NOW; however, I look at the latest articles, I see one I want to read when I find time, and when I come back its gone."
Beaufort County Now was constructed to become a community platform where news and information could be shared with neighbors, friends and even strangers.
Each year, without fail, I procrastinate to the near end of the required period given, to take my continuing education class, to continue my real estate eligibility.
I would like to begin by apologizing to all of our many readers for our creeping speed today. We fixed the problem, but not without some great diligence.
Let's face this one truth together: For a periodical to be successful that communicative device must be frequented by people ... people inspired to use your literary auspices to learn stuff.
Beaufort County NOW is our prototype; I've said it often. And as our prototype, my next proof is to prove that the site makes money, which it will once we take the time away from our many projects to sell others space on our well developed, well traveled platform.
Symbiotic Networks Incorporated will now market its wide array of internet products. We will do this by calling of business people, even politicians, but you may contact us, as well, at your leisure.
PCS Phosphate Company, Inc. (PotashCorp - Aurora) announced today that it is reducing staffing levels at its phosphate facility by approximately 150 full-time positions, or about 15 percent of its current workforce.
Symbiotic Publishing Company, a wholly owned division of Symbiotic Networks Incorporated, is proud to announce that its prototype publication, Beaufort County Now, is now ready for all manners of marketing as the near perfect delivery system, possibly more than ready.
Effective June 2012, health care providers at Inner Banks Urgent Care in Washington will begin seeing patients at other practices throughout the county.
Beaufort County Now completes its second full year, in current existence, and is pleased to announce a continuance in traffic increases.
We, and other local media outlets, have reported that Fountain Powerboats has closed shop. That appears to be confirmed by a simple observation of but six vehicles in the company's employee parking lot on October 17, 2011.
In spite of hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money that have been poured into the Fountain Powerboat business, it appears that the new ownership is doing no better than former CEO Reggie Fountain did.
Beaufort County Now, a viable news and information platform since its inception 23 months earlier, has set the standard on how these platforms should operate.
Beaufort County Now, with its new script - Symbiotic Publisher - tightly interwoven into the world wide web, has just punched through the vaulted 100,000 hits per day metric for the entire month of June.
Symbiotic Publisher, a complex script, with its own content management system (CMS) unique to itself, that will manage and power elaborate and simple websites alike, is now ready for the public's use.
For the last few weeks, Beaufort County Now has been in a voluntary position of transition, whereby the publication will metamorphosis into the most efficient news/information delivery platform.
As we now must pull together our Beaufort County Now right before your eyes, and it will be cumbersome and take some time to finish.
Since Jan. 1983, Russell Smith has applied his mastery of the adaptive technique in his downtown Washington retail store, Russell's Gentlemen's Clothing.
Beaufort County Now was constructed to become a community platform where news and information could be shared with neighbors, friends and even strangers.
The 2nd annual awareness event and fundraiser is in the records books. This year's event raised nearly $14,000 for the Center.
The ever-elusive toymaker has chosen to materialize for the people of Washington to encourage more people to visit and shop at the small, local businesses this holiday season.
The strongest increase in these vital metrics for the news and information franchise, Beaufort County Now (BCN), was the 7% increase in unique IP addresses logging onto BCN gained to 530 per day.
Annual Lights of Love Tree Lighting Ceremony to be held Thursday, December 2nd, 2010.
Gov. Bev Perdue today announced that Fountain Powerboat Industries Inc., a designer and manufacturer of offshore sport boats, sport fishing boats, and cruisers, will expand its current facility.
Symbiotic Publishing Company is proud to announce that Beaufort County Now, the Beaufort County franchised online news and information platform, has broken the 40,000 hits per day ceiling in October.
This October, the owners of I Can't Believe It's a Book Store have arranged to resurrect local nightlife by adding four additional Ghost Walks the weekend before Halloween.
Pamlico Psychiatric Services provides medication management services for adult patients with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, OCD, dementia and post-traumatic stress.
A young web developer with Beaufort County roots might just be on the brink of making it big, very big, in the world of internet entrepreneurship.
Birdsong Orthopedic Group specializes in orthopedic care that involves the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system.
On August 17, 2010, BHP Billiton of Australia tendered an unsolicited offer to purchase Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan for 38.5 billion dollars.
While recruiting physicians may be difficult for Beaufort Regional Health Systems during its self-proclaimed financial crisis, at least we now know it’s not an impossible task.
Pamlico Urgent Care is closing Friday, leaving Inner Banks Urgent Care to single-handedly care for every 'urgent' illness and injury in the Washington area.
On July 31, Beaufort County’s only locally owned print newspaper, the Washington Daily News, will soon be under the ownership of an Alabama-based newspaper conglomerate, Boone Newspapers Inc.
Riverside restaurant opens its doors to crowds of patient patrons
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