WWLD (What Would Liberals Do?)  

On this community informational platform, we will examine the severe plight of the Liberal, and just how difficult it is for them to continue each day dealing with their obvious and overwhelming guilt of living in what was once a “free market society” - The united States of America.

I believe once again, I have hit squarely the proverbial nail on the head in regards to today's Democrats.
From Tuesday, September 4 to Thursday, September 6, 2012, the Democrats, in America's two party system, revealed to all Americans their core belief system, which was well beyond what even I have been conditioned to expect.
Remarkably, Sandra Fluke (pronounced Sandra Fluck), who is best known as the Georgetown law student who publicly fretted that Republicans, if elected en masse, would deny her current 3,000.00 stipend of annual contraception, spoke in prime time at the Democrat National Convention.
"THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING, THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING:" The hackneyed refrain, oft-repeated in unison, when Liberals, and, or their children congregate en masse is very true; however, one has to question, "What are we watching here and now on New York City's Wall Street?"
The larger truth expressed here is that Liberals will say and do just about anything to reverse a rout upon the political, and therefore, policy platform, that we are all now well-engaged.
Let me begin by expressing: I love Liberals, and not just the Christian love of our kind, which stipulates that we should summarily love our fellow man, but real, respectful, abiding love that occasionally intones: Thank-you for all that you do.

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