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Have you ever wondered who is in charge of Political Correctness?? It's the PC Police. But that still doesn't answer the question
Eric Holder has been one of the most rabid race baiters to surface in this country since Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were in their prime.
It hasn't been long ago when Hamas in the Gaza Strip was bombarding Israel mercilessly with their rockets - not terribly effectively, but mercilessly.
The Anointed One Challenges Syria with a red line in the sand and when that doesn't seem to be achieving anything, he asks Congress for authority to "go after" them.
We have been hearing a lot about tax inversions lately. According to a NY Times article by Josh Barro published on 8/9/14, tax inversion is "... a tax avoidance maneuver in which an American company is acquired by a smaller foreign competitor, allowing it to move its tax residency abroad.
We hear the Anointed and a lot of his Dem cohorts talking about the need to "invest" in our infrastructure.(i.e. spend money on their pet projects).
In March of 2011, I wrote a piece about safety. In it I opined that there is no such thing as safety because so called "safety" in reality is the absence of risk.
We spent about ten years in Iraq and left a lot of American blood on the ground and a lot of the long green in the pockets of the politicos.
The Reps are about to do it to themselves again. Things seem to be going their way and then they shoot themselves in the foot - again... Pretty much all in the name of standing on principles.
If you didn't listen to the Prez's speeches, you wouldn't know what it means to be a good American.
We hear a lot of folks pressing for a change in the Constitution to incorporate a "Balanced Budget Amendment". The argument is based on the belief that such an amendment would force the Congress to rein its profligate spending habits. It certainly sounds like a winner.
The White House (whoever that is) is quoted as telling all the world that restraint needs to be exercised by "all parties" to the unpleasantness between Israel and the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.
Here we go again. The conservatives (read Republicans) are taking a beating again.
Did you ever take out a loan to buy a house?? If not, how about a loan to buy a vehicle??
Almost every day we hear the Anointed One making some grand pronouncement about something or other. Invariably he is "backed up" by folks who would seem to be from the constituency he seems to be romancing that particular day.
What do you suppose ever happened to "Global Warming".
We keep hearing that things being done by the Anointed One and his administration are "not legal".
The highway trust fund is running out of money and we need to do something to get the funding back up to a point where we will be able to maintain our Interstate highway system.
Have you been wondering why Eric Holder and his Justice Department has been too busy to investigate a lot of troublesome things going on in our Government or respond to congressional inquiries in any kind of reasonable time frame??
Patronage in the Federal Government is not "dead" as we have been led to believe. And "patronage" is not the sole purview of either party.
Times change. Things change. In the old days government employees who violated their trust got fired. No "ifs", "ands", or "buts".
There was an interesting AP generated article in the Tampa Tribune on Mother's Day (5/11/14). It was headlined "Pregnant women gain new options".
An AP article appearing in the April Fools Day (4/1/2014 - the timing seems appropriate) Tampa Tribune indicated that the U.S. was considering the release of Jonathan Pollard, a former U.S. Navy intelligence analyst, who was arrested in 1985 and convicted of spying for Israel.
So good 'ol Hillary gets a shoe thrown at her. It missed. She was giving the keynote address at the Las Vegas meeting of the Institute of Scrap and Recycling Industries.
Here we go again. Or maybe I should say "Here they go again". "They" would be the Anointed One and his merry group of sycophants led by Ms. Reid's boy, Harry and Ms. Schumer's boy, Charlie.
We are hearing a lot about bullying lately. Its in our schools. Its in our work places. Its on the roads.
I suppose it's a good thing that several years ago we decided on a not-for-profit company (now Vidant) to take over the Washington Hospital and subsequently seemingly everything else "medical" in the County.
It was about 2 years ago when we were hearing what a good chance Mitt Romney had of being our next President.
It is not clear just how it is that our Representatives and Senators manage to come up with all the ideas they seem to come up with for all new laws they seem to think of.
Our Imperial Savior said in a New York Times interview last year that there was "no evidence" the Keystone pipeline would be a "big jobs generator," claiming it might create 2,000 jobs in the construction phase but far fewer permanent jobs.
It's interesting. As we watch the Obamacare implementation fiasco play out, the ineptitude of the people who specified, designed and built the site is simply amazing.
Hold on to your hats!! I am about to agree with something our glorious leader said. In talking about the National Debt and the Debt Limit, he laid the blame on the congress, those who control the purse strings. He was right (partly).
An AP article in the Jan. 20 Tampa Tribune informs us that the Affordable Care Act helps narrow the income gap between rich and poor.
We read that the Census Department is reporting that over the last several years the middle class has been shrinking.
It would seem that one of Gov. Christie's spear carriers screwed up big time. First they (she) did something really stupid and then lied about it.
It is clearly time to increase the minimum wage. How can anyone be expected to live on the paltry minimum currently in force.. They really can't.
The great American ethic is that money will buy anything. It is particularly true in the political world. We try to buy everything from international friendship to better schools to votes to taxpayer support for some behavior that politicians believe we should embrace.
It's interesting. It seemed as though every time an AP writer mentioned the Anointed One going to Hawaii for his Christmas vacation, they told us that Hawaii is his home state or that he was born there or both. Could that seemingly singular focus possibly be fueled by doubts??
The New York Court of appeals recently quashed a Colorado subpoena that would have forced a New York based reporter to testify in a Colorado court about the source of some information she reported concerning the 7/12/2012 Aurora Colorado theater massacre.
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