Music through the Ages  

The best of melody and how it influences who we are as a species, and as individuals.

Each year-end brings the usual look back on those that have passed during the year. Here is my incomplete list of Music Icons that have passed in last twelve months. The list was compiled extemporaneously during the year as the news was reported.
Today's pop music is predicated upon the lowest common denominator of the human experiment. There is little that is uplifting, no building upon the art of the past, just make money, and lots of it, paid by the dimmest bulbs of all time.
No, today I will endeavor to thank my sweet Lord for art, specifically the art of fine music, and in particular, the Beatles.
This article is the first in an occasional series on jazz and improvisational music.
Published: Monday, July 5th, 2010 @ 12:41 pm By: Mike Hayes

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