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The rioting in the Wisconsin city of Milwaukee - that resulted from an alleged shooting death of an African American armed-suspect by a black police officer - is yet more evidence of the racial disharmony that's intensifying under the current government and civil-rights leaders.
On Friday, the president of a top public-interest watchdog group issued the following statement regarding U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan's decision...
"I'm tired. And as it turns out, you're probably thinking, 'Me too.'" That's the first line in a Forbes article from a few years back, Want To Be Smart and Successful?
My husband, who retired long before I did, has two groups of friends he connects with regularly.
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange implied in an interview that a murdered Democratic National Committee staffer was the source of a trove of damaging emails the rogue website posted just days before the party's convention
Does Donald J. Trump truly have the temperament to be President of these States United?
Finally, Chairman Jason Chaffetz, and the House Oversight Committee will submit to the Hussein Obama Justice Department that Lying Hillary Clinton lied while under oath to Congress.
Dozens of U.S. intelligence analysts formally filed complaints that their honest intelligence evaluations regarding the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and al-Qaida's branch Al Nusra Front in Syria were altered by superiors to prop up President Barack Obama's false proclamations
The Obama administration, including his top diplomat, all appear to have a serious misinterpretation of the diplomatic concept known as "outreach" when it comes to the Muslim world.
President Barack Obama's Homeland Security Department provided unvetted Somali Muslims tours of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport including its so-called restricted area
On Monday, in the midst of her presidential campaign complete with her claims of "short circuiting" and continued deception regarding the FBI's email probe, the Democratic Party's presidential heir apparent found herself the defendant in a federal court case
With the news media's band of Hillary Clinton sycophants and cohorts looking to destroy any chances for a Trump presidency, Donald Trump is still charging President Barack Obama this week with being the de facto creator of what became the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) during his campaign
The U.S. Border Patrol agents' national union, after more than 7-years of being marginalized by President Barack Obama, is now similarly being handcuffed by presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton's plan to keep America's borders open and grant amnesty to illegal immigrants already living in the U.S
Please be advised that this report explains how the Clinton Family's alleged money laundering enterprise brought millions of dollars from suspicious donors to the Clinton Foundation's coffers on a money trail that ran through Canada
In an email statement, Arends claims that since Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton refuse to stop them - some may claim they even help them - it's up to proud Americans to save the United States
A shocking - but not surprising - news report appearing in Wednesday's Wall Street Journal revealed that President Barack Obama and his minions transported a secret payment to the terrorist-supporting Iranian that appears to be a ransom for the release of abducted Americans
Thanks to Islamic terrorism analyst and police advisor Walid Shoebat, it's been alleged that the man selected to take a shot at Donald Trump during the Democratic National Convention was not identified honestly by Hillary Clinton
I published this Blog Posting on January 1, 2009. It really is a history lesson. You remember history. They used to teach a lot of it in our schools.
Could it be that Higher Education's big problem is the use of the word "Higher".
Would you be upset if all your life you have been one thing but now you are are told you are not what you have always been?
The results of the Democratic Party - with the assistance of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and other race hucksters - setting up Hillary Clinton as the black voters big Bwana (Swahili, from Arabic abuna "our leader") is shortening lives and preventing young African Americans from climbing out
What happened to head of the FBI, James Comey? He was supposed to be this "pillar of integrity" and yet has now been cuckolded by the likes of Durbin, B.H. Obama, Loretta Lynch and other denizens of D.C.
I've enjoyed reliving our vacation by writing about our Viking ship and the historical perspective we gained while traveling. If those topics haven't sparked your interest, this description of the sights along the way is bound to do the trick.
The best memory device is a pencil with paper but that is no fun.
I remember names by mentally associating a new person with someone I know with the same or similar name. There are numerous other methods on YouTube that I tried and discarded.
A heartfelt thank you for allowing me to interlope into your space. I will be taking a break from publishing to pursue other priorities, but it has been quite a fun ride.
How much weight do you give political pundits on the TV or in your own circle of friends and acquaintances?
The cop-killing gunman, 29-year-old Gavin Long, who ambushed police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, leaving three law enforcement officers dead and another three wounded on Sunday morning is slowly being understood by authorities
Congressman Bob Goodlatte, R-Virginia, the House Judiciary Committee chairman, was visibly upset with Attorney General Loretta Lynch over what she told the lawmakers responsible for oversight of her office and the Department of Justice.
Memory system for remembering numbers
A morning Muse about relationships
Human Trafficking is the fastest growing crime problem in the world. Currently it is ranked #2 and is pushing hard for #1. It has surpassed the sale of illegal firearms and is quickly catching up to illegal drugs, which is currently the #1 criminal enterprise.
On September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, my teammates and I defied a stand down order and fought off Islamic militants for over 13 hours in order to save American lives. Hillary Clinton was willfully blind to the threat, but we couldn't afford to be
A top institution of higher learner in the heart of New York City's urban chic "downtown" neighborhood had a pro-Palestinian group chiming in on the recent shootings of two men of color by police officers in two separate incidents involving two separate police departments
We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Prague and our river cruise through Germany, Austria and Hungary.
With every tragedy our country faces, we are almost always greeted just moments after with demands to infringe on a right so we may prevent another tragedy
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