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We know a good bit about real estate. We'd like to impart a good bit of it to you.

Dare County real estate developer Ray Hollowell was counting on Dolly Parton and her family to help him transform the Pine Mountain development, located in southern Burke County, into a more upscale community that he renamed "The South Mountain Preserve." Hollowell also was counting on Gov. Bev...
Each year, without fail, I procrastinate to the near end of the required period given, to take my continuing education class, to continue my real estate eligibility.
For now, it seems that the tide of mortgage defaults has been stemmed. The improved underwriting that occurred after the 2008 market crash has resulted in a better-than-average quality of loans...
Those who argue in favor of the Due Diligence Fee say that it will weed out disingenuous, unqualified buyers by requiring them to have some 'skin in the game.'
Gone are the days when a real-estate broker can convince his or her clients to price their properties using the traditional method of adjusting value based on the past six months of comparable sales.
Already this November, according to the National Association of Realtors Residential Sold Report, 12 homes have been sold countywide, nine of those in Washington.
To illustrate this fact, I have taken a snapshot of Washington's market activity in August, September and October, by generating a Residential Sold Report via the Realtors' MLS database.
Thanks to the federal government, every property in Beaufort County is presently eligible for 100-percent financing through the USDA Rural Housing Program.
This month's Market Report is simply a reminder that our financial environment looks a bit different than it did five years ago, and it may for a while to come.
The world economy is held fast, it seems, in a Catch-22 situation: The recession was caused and is being drawn out by the housing bust, and now the recession is expected to cause more pressure on hous
There are a few important things to consider before calling a real-estate agent.
For many, selling property marks the end of an age. It’s a physical representation of the changing dynamics within your family, your relationship, or your career.
After thirty years of inflation, perhaps it's time to pop the bubble and start over.

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