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A less subjective view of governing and the policies that influences the lives of Dare County residents to a degree far greater than many realize and far more than some care to admit.

After receiving several pieces of mail addressed to four different persons at his home address on Sherron Road, and seeing strange people checking mailboxes on his street, a Durham resident concluded someone was using his mailbox in a tax-fraud scheme.
The Economic Development Commission's activities can be sorted into two separate periods, the period between 2001 and 2005 and the period between 2005 and the present.
he session was essentially divisible into two parts. The first was a more or less roundtable discussion of "what do you see the needs to be" and the second part was a presentation by Todd Davis with Mosley Architects.
The documents handed out by the Economic Development Commission on March 19, 2012 have grants double counted, grants postponed, grants not generated in the accounting period, jobs which are inconsistently accounted for within the EDC own documents.
The Beaufort County Board of Commissioners heard a report from the Director of the Economic Development Commission Monday night (3-19-12). It was pretty much the same as those made in the past.
The Beaufort County Economic Development Commission will have a group of talking points, which we have listed here below.
In this report you will find video of public comments offered to the board by Warren Smith. The subject is, again, the economic development program in Beaufort County.
Pursuant to the Special Called Meeting for Monday night at 6:00 pm, March 19, 2012, we have received this press release from Beaufort County Employee, Laura Tetterton, to Committee of 100 Members for that aforementioned county commissioner meeting.
Hood Richardson offered a motion to freeze the property tax rate of 51.5 cent per hundred dollar of assessed value. The motion, seconded by Stan Deatherage was defeated 4-3 with Jay McRoy voting for the motion along with Richardson and Deatherage and Langley, Cayton, Booth and Klemm voting against.
The general purpose of the meeting is to receive the annual report on economic development. There will be several other matters for discussion. The public is invited to attend.
Public Hearing on ferry tolls to be held on Monday, March 19, 2012 at 7:00 pm Auditorium, Pamlico Community College 5049 Highway 306 South Grantsboro, NC 28529 (in Pamlico County, NC)
Dr. Barbara Tansey, vice president of Academic and Student Services at Fayetteville Technical Community College, has been named as the new president of Beaufort County Community College.
Monday's (3-12-12) Beaufort County Board of Commissioners meeting was phenomenal. We'll report on it in a series of articles. There was way too much, both obvious and not so obvious, to report on to give it short shrift.
The issue has come before the Town Board several times in recent months but the School Board does not currently have funds to replace the unit with permanent construction.
The Beaufort County Board of County Commissioners will meet to discuss a variety of issues in their General Meeting on Monday, March 12, 2012
It is rumored that the property initially earmarked for the incentive land grant to P&G/A&E Manufacturing has not qualified for the state funded sewer grant necessary to improve the property for the construction of A&E's 50,000 sq. ft. building.
Anti-Ferry Tax efforts are expanding in Beaufort, Hyde, and Pamlico Counties. Because we are working to coordinate among the 3 counties, we are pushing back the date for the trip to Raleigh.
Jimmy Hite, a Greenville architect, formally presented the School Facilities Study to the Beaufort County Board of Education. We have previously reported what the study shows; and that is that the School Board wasted over $24 million in the most recent bond building program.
The Beaufort County Board of Education met for its regular monthly meeting on February 21. We have video from much of the meeting below.
We recently commended our County Manager and Board of Commissioners for an improved planning process as seen in the board's recent retreat. But at the same time we suggested that the session was missing some very critical planning elements.
It was encouraging because for the first time in recent memory we saw the board getting good solid if you will. Much of that data centered on building a new jail and we will have more on that later after we complete our research.
Beaufort County Commissioners will hold a retreat at the Estuarium of North Carolina to discuss a variety of issues important to the citizens of Beaufort County.
At their regular monthly meeting Monday (2-6-12) the Beaufort County Commissioners discussed an interim property tax revaluation.
At their regular monthly meeting February 6, 2012 the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to support a resolution offered by Robert Cayton opposing the imposition of ferry tolls on the Bayview/Aurora ferry.
The Beaufort County Commissioners got a sobering report from architect James Hite Monday night (2-6-12) at its regular monthly meeting.
The Beaufort County Board of County Commissioners will meet to discuss a variety of issues in their General Meeting on Monday, February 6, 2012
On January 18, 2012, the One NC Fund announced a $180,000 grant for Spinrite Services LLC.
Warren Smith is a private citizen in Beaufort County who spent a career in the securities industry.
The Beaufort County Board of Commissioners voted Monday night (1-9-12) to submit a referendum to the county's voters in the May 8, 2012 primary on the question of whether to raise the county, local option sales tax rate from 2% to 2.25%.
Beaufort County's Commissioners heard from the public mostly on two separate issues: the proposed Martin Marietta mine and the proposed Invergy wind farm.
The Beaufort County Commissioners, at their January 9th General Meeting, agreed, by consensus, to move forward to effect a new revaluation of real property in an upcoming 4 or 5 year cycle.
The Beaufort County Board of County Commissioners will meet to discuss a variety of issues in their General Meeting on Monday, January 9, 2012
At that meeting, Beaufort County Commissioners: Hood Richardson and Stan Deatherage discussed the ongoing ramifications, with the Beaufort County Board of Education, of their construction of Northeast Elementary in Hell Swamp.
What do Tommy Thompson, Economic Developer for Beaufort County, Bev. Perdue and Nancy Pelosi have in common? They are all economic illiterates. Let us explain.
The December meeting of the Beaufort County Commissioners was not a good night for Economic Developer Tom Thompson or the Economic Development Commission (EDC).
At the Beaufort County Commissioner's General Meeting, there existed a contest of ideas as whether the wind farm designated for proposed construction in an area north of Pantego, and southwest of the Pocosin lakes Wildlife Refuge.
Tonight, December 12, 2011, the Beaufort County Board of County Commissioners will conduct the county's business, with the first item of business being the selection of a chairman and vice-chairman.
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