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The words "ambitious state budget" must test well in polls and focus groups
Governor Pat McCrory issued the following statement on this morning's shooting deaths of police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Governor McCrory is holding Duke Energy accountable and cleaning up coal ash ponds once and for all, Roy Cooper let this problem fester for more than 28 years during his career as a top lawmaker and as attorney general. Instead of ever addressing coal ash
This week in North Carolina, the Burr campaign will highlight Senator Burr's work to provide states with more federal funding so they can decide on the most effective ways to help students receive a quality education and to give teachers the resources they need to educate the next generation
The results of the Democratic Party - with the assistance of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and other race hucksters - setting up Hillary Clinton as the black voters big Bwana (Swahili, from Arabic abuna "our leader") is shortening lives and preventing young African Americans from climbing out
Charles Krauthammer said it best: "Well last night, Cruz delivered the longest suicide note in American political history".
Accountability -- and our outdated concept of it -- is a topic Andy Smarick of the Fordham Institute artfully explores in recent blog post "Public Accountability vs. Consumer Accountability".
What happened to head of the FBI, James Comey? He was supposed to be this "pillar of integrity" and yet has now been cuckolded by the likes of Durbin, B.H. Obama, Loretta Lynch and other denizens of D.C.
The States, acting voluntarily and in convention, entered into the Union by adopting a social compact, the US Constitution. The features of a compact provide great protection for American liberty.
It is with great pleasure that the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University and Vidant Medical Center welcome Dr. David A. Axelrod to their surgery faculty and staff
The halfway mark of this event-filled year is a good time to reflect on the first six months in North Carolina. We would say the year's theme to date has been protest
I've enjoyed reliving our vacation by writing about our Viking ship and the historical perspective we gained while traveling. If those topics haven't sparked your interest, this description of the sights along the way is bound to do the trick.
I borrow mightily from Don Mclean's resonate metaphor at the nexus of his classic anthem "American Pie", when I beg you to notice the abrupt change in the national wind, a noxious air; so foul that it may forever stain the fabric of our once mighty Republic.
Beaufort County Community College is offering "Business Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs" in Hyde County
The fraternal benefit society WoodmenLife 623 Washington donated $1,500 to the Beaufort County Community College Foundation for scholarships
Microaggression - that's a fancy term many radical college students and administrators are using these days as a means to supposedly call out racism and protest unsafe and hostile environments for minorities
A new study authored by energy expert Dr. Timothy Considine of the University of Wyoming finds that North Carolina's 12 percent renewable portfolio standard (RPS) will increase electricity prices by 42 percent by 2020, and cost the Tar Heel State up to 50,000 jobs.
AOP to present the 2016 Hands on Arts Fall Festival. Join us at the Hands On Festival on September 24, 2016 at the Turnage Theater in historic downtown Washington, NC
The NC Office of State Human Resources' (OSHR) "Be a Hazard Hero" Program was selected by the Southern Legislative Conference (SLC)-whose mission is to foster and encourage intergovernmental cooperation
All aboard, the train is leaving the station bound for the Trump Party in Cleveland.
While the Wake County Board of Elections voted along party lines to appeal a 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling throwing out local school board and county commissioner districts, state legislative leaders are fighting to get back in as defendants in the case
While officials are mulling a request from a federal judge to submit new district maps for Wake County commissioner and school board elections, one longtime lawmaker says the U.S. Supreme Court could allow this year's elections to be held under the disputed plans
Governor Pat McCrory helped open a new $100 million Walmart Distribution Center in Mebane that will create 550 jobs
Governor Pat McCrory, North Carolina Commerce Secretary John E. Skvarla, III, and the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina (EDPNC) announced today that Relias Learning LLC will add more than 450 jobs over the coming five years in Wake County
This year's North Carolina Literary Review (NCLR), now on its way to readers throughout the state, celebrates the 25th issue of the publication
The Joyner Library at East Carolina University set a new record for attendance with more than one million visits in the past academic year
In any industry, the quality of service or whether one receives services at all hinges on one critical element: access
East Carolina University's Mona Amin is one of 19 students from across the country selected for a prestigious student entrepreneur program.
In a deliberate, calculated act of racism, a black man ambushed and gunned down five Dallas police officers and injured seven more. I watched on TV how the police community and concerned citizens responded.
In the wake of the growing Black Lives Matter movement, black police officer Jay Salien took to Facebook to post the brutal reality of what a police officer faces each day when he patrols a predominantly black community.
Diane Rufino gives a thoughtful review of the latest book from New York Times #1 best-selling author, Eric Metaxas
Perhaps what Independence Day is all about is to reflect on our history and to rekindle our revolutionary spirit every year... our great love of liberty.
We will offer this allotment of three with more to come; some old, most new, but all quite informative, and, moreover, necessary to understanding that in North Carolina, there is a wiser path to govern ourselves and our People.
Local media and leftist blogs are drenched in outrage over House Bill 2, which was known as "the Bathroom Bill" until they figured out they needed to focus attention about it somewhere else.
We will offer this allotment of three with more to come; some old, most new, but all quite informative, and, moreover, necessary to understanding that in North Carolina, there is a wiser path to govern ourselves and our People.
We will offer this allotment of three with more to come; some old, most new, but all quite informative, and, moreover, necessary to understanding that in North Carolina, there is a wiser path to govern ourselves and our People.
Eighty-two-year-old U.S. Army veteran Joe Muldoon made his first jump from an airplane Saturday afternoon with his 21-year-old grandson Mason
In 2016 North Carolina features the country's most competitive election for governor, one of the country's most competitive elections for U.S. Senate, and (as of mid-July) the tightest state race in the country between Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Trump
The federal government has just released another set of economic statistics - and they again show North Carolina has one of the fastest-growing economies in the United States
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