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NC Speaker of the House, Paul "Skip" Stam, released an official statement offering to assist PayPal in finding a new state to do business in, since it has chosen to boycott NC
Governor Pat McCrory has selected Dale G. Deese to fill a vacant district court seat in Robeson County. The vacancy was created by the resignation of Judge John Carter, Jr.
Governor Pat McCrory's proving ground for technology solutions, the North Carolina Innovation Center (iCenter)
Diane Rufino makes the point that boycotts can work both ways, so let's put our good sense and our support of HB2 into practice and boycott Bruce Springsteen!
Diane Rufino writes an open letter to Governor Pat McCrory to thank him for his support and defense of HB2 ("Public Facilities Privacy & Safety Act")
Governor Pat McCrory and officials with the Department of Public Safety today during an open house offered community leaders and elected officials their first view of the renovated Edgecombe Youth Development Center in Rocky Mount.
The North Carolina Republican Party (NCGOP) will hold its annual state convention May 6-8 in Greensboro, North Carolina. Below you will find event details and RSVP instructions.
Opponents of House Bill 2, popularly known as the "bathroom bill," claim that the legislation has cost jobs in North Carolina, but it may have created at least one
Gov. Pat McCrory on Tuesday issued an executive order expanding equal employment and nondiscrimination rights of state employees to include sexual orientation and gender identification in an attempt to alleviate some of the fallout related to House Bill 2.
Governor Pat McCrory announced he has nominated Robert Schurmeier, Jr. as director of the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) during a ceremony today at the Executive Mansion
Bringing up end-of-life issues with your family can be challenging. Making your wishes known in legal documents can be even tougher
Due to the decrease in flu activity and viral respiratory illnesses, Vidant Health is lifting the temporary visitor restrictions for those 12 and younger visiting James and Connie Maynard Children's Hospital at Vidant Medical Center in Greenville.
Andrew Cox, a certified physician assistant, joined Vidant Family Medicine -- Belhaven, located at 216 Haslin Street, on March 22.
Listeners from all over the east phoned in their support for children this past weekend, pledging $66,913 during the 19th annual "Music for Miracles" Radiothon on 107.9 WNCT
Don't let the Gun banners see this post, they may try to ban rubber and plastic from concealed carry.
The John Birch Society looks at what political party loyalty has cost us. It looks at the hypocrisy of the GOP and its schemes to deprive the People of their candidate.
In light of the horrific attacks in Paris and most recently in Brussels, Karen asks the question "Why are Young Muslims Being Radicalized?"
Paul Craig Roberts takes a look at the document that holds the states in a Union and questions whether the legal bonds still exist.
Karen Kozel, founder and coordinator of the ENC Tea Party, offers a message to start the new year.
North Carolina's economic outlook ranked second in the United States in a new analysis of all the states' economic competitiveness from the American Legislative Exchange Council
The Civitas Institute Center for Law and Freedom (CLF) has moved for summary judgment in Gaston County Superior Court on behalf of clients seeking access to public records within the custody of the City of Belmont, North Carolina
Today, Judge Melissa Owens Lassiter of the Office of Administrative Hearings issued an amended scheduling order setting oral argument for April 13, 2016 in the case of Owens v. North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ)
As a TV talk show moderator my job is to ask questions. Lately, I've been fielding them, mostly about HB2.
Roy Cooper refused to do his job and defend the state of North Carolina by saying it would conflict with his obligation to defend his office's non-discrimination policy
The North Carolina Republican Party (NCGOP) today released new details on a planned website attack that would have resulted in NCGOP party funds being diverted into non-Party accounts controlled by Chairman Harnett.
In response to PayPal's corporate hypocrisy and extortion after North Carolina overturned a radical bathroom ordinance pushed by a registered sex offender and passed by the Charlotte City Council, NCGOP Vice-Chairman Michele Nix released the following statement
The North Carolina Republican Party's (NCGOP) delegate selection to the Republican National Convention is underway. Here are the facts about the Party's process to help answer questions and clear up any misconceptions
Ah yes, Daylight Saving Time is here, but I try not to let that change affect my morning routine.
With a nod to Bob Dylan, the words they are a-changin', and I find plenty of the changes disconcerting.
Several state Supreme Court justices showed skepticism during a Wednesday hearing over the constitutionality of a recent law establishing "retention" elections for appellate court judges
The city wants to spend a large amount of taxpayers' money to build a ballpark complex. It won't just be a ballpark. The facility would also be designed to host soccer, lacrosse, and other sporting events.
As recent controversies in North Carolina and elsewhere have established, political debate is only partially about facts, principles, and logic
We've been witness to a level of ideologically driven mass media hysteria in recent weeks unseen since the Duke lacrosse rape hoax story
Gov. Pat McCrory announced Monday that he plans to expand the state's Medicaid rolls in several limited areas as part of his Health and Human Services budget priorities, and will continue to seek broader expansion from the White House.
When I first advocated the idea of parental choice in elementary and secondary education, it was considered by many to be a radical notion.
Europe faces a host of problems connected with mass immigration and globalization
It's pretty messed up what North Carolina hospitals have to go through just to be able to own an MRI machine
A legislative oversight committee decided on Tuesday to delay a push to eliminate and consolidate a number of occupational licensing boards.
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