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Legislative election law writers continue working toward having a combined primary on March 15, 2016, allowing voters to cast ballots for president and nominate their party favorites for other statewide and local offices.
Congratulations are once again due Raleigh, as the city now ranks No. 5 among the top 10 culinary cultures in America, according to a recent poll from USA Today.
The North Carolina General Assembly seems poised to pass a budget for the 2015-17 biennium that spends some $22 billion a year on General Fund programs, appropriates more than $50 billion a year when all other funds are included, and makes hundreds of millions of dollars in changes to state taxes
With the House passing a $21.735 billion General Fund budget by an 81-33 vote early Friday morning, and Gov. Pat McCrory saying he would approve the spending plan, lawmakers will shift their focus to outstanding items such as a $2 billion bond package and Medicaid reform before adjourning.
The 2015 long legislative session has proven to be just that: long. Many productive ideas have been discussed, among them whether we should take advantage of low interest rates and construction costs to borrow and address long-neglected needs; whether insurance companies or providers should...
Citing reporting from Carolina Journal, the National Association of Assistant U.S. Attorneys has asked U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch to launch a formal investigation into the handling by the U.S. Attorney's office in Raleigh of the prosecution of gang leader and contract killer Reynaldo Calder
Today is Constitution and Citizenship Day. It is important to remind ourselves of the Constitution, and other founding documents, for as No. 21 in Declaration of Rights in the 1776 N.C. Constitution reminds us: "a frequent recurrence to fundamental principles is absolutely necessary, to preserve...
I have never been a fan of the Fair Tax, a proposal to abolish the income tax and substitute a national sales tax. My opposition has nothing to do with the merits of a national sales tax as opposed to an income tax per se. Clearly, as an economist, I agree that the proper and most efficient tax...
At this moment, political leaders and strategists in both the North Carolina Democratic and Republican parties are concocting the same kind of fantasy -- that they'll be able to wall off their state and local candidates from a potential disaster at the top of the ticket.
A recent Carolina Journal article highlighted an important ruling against an occupational license in Texas. North Carolina state leaders should take note.
Political discussion often involves debate over competing ideas. But some partisans want no debate. They would rather declare certain views off-limits. It's a tactic that disturbs Guy Benson and Mary Katharine Ham, co-authors of the book End of Discussion: How the Left's Outrage Industry Shuts...
As North Carolina's legislative session (presumably) winds down over the next couple of weeks, it seems increasingly unlikely that the cap on state spending growth and other provisions of the proposed Taxpayer Protection Act will pass this year. The Senate approved the measure a few weeks ago...
Despite recent legislation easing some restrictions on the marketplace, North Carolina's rate-setting structure for car insurance is little more than a government price-fixing scheme that hits consumers in the wallet while protecting the profits of some insurance companies, a consumer advocate...
School choice has always been one of the core principles of the state and national Republican Party
After a lengthy and often messy process of both public and private negotiations, leaders of the North Carolina House and Senate appear to be on the cusp of completing a state spending plan for the 2015-17 budget biennium.
I have a theory about presidential politics and the 2016 election. It has the virtue of fitting much of the data currently available. Another of the theory's virtues is that it can readily generate a couple of plausible scenarios for how the primary season may play out among...
Results from an employer survey recently released by the University of North Carolina system suggest that graduates of the state's 16 public universities - especially those from less selective schools - are deficient in terms of their written and oral communication, work ethic, and workplace etiquet
Technological innovation changes industries. How fast such better ideas take hold often depends on government actions. And while new technologies raise difficult questions, poor economic logic never should be the justification for clamping down on new ideas.
The 150th anniversary of the American Civil War has generated quite a bit of scholarship about a key event in the nation's history.
It is back-to-school time, which means that the mainstream media and public school advocacy groups are busy telling folks that Republicans are jeopardizing the welfare of North Carolina's public schools. What do the facts say?
Lawmakers could be moving all of next year's North Carolina's primaries to March 15.
A series of undercover videos from a pro-life group have rocked Planned Parenthood -- and the national debate over abortion.
Living off entitlements and scams is unfortunately what defines the modern day American Democrat.
On this anniversary of 9/11, we look back and remember the horrific events of that day and the lives taken too soon.
This is a serious attempt to respond outside of the comment section.
One is a useful law enforcement tool, the other is an over simplification not necessarily based on reality.
In the series "Cut This, Go Home," several items that should have been eliminated from the budget were highlighted to facilitate the budget's passage and to enable legislators to go home sooner.
On Friday, September 11, the Civitas Institute Center for Law and Freedom joined several other state-based legal and policy organizations in asking the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the freedom of employees to choose what political causes they support. In a joint amicus brief in the case of...
On net, this year's final budget deal can be viewed positively by conservatives. Tipping the scales in favor of the spending plan include: a net tax cut of nearly $400 million over two years, allowing the renewable energy tax credit to expire, elimination of taxpayer support for the highly...
After nearly eight months of lengthy and heated discussion, Republican leaders in the North Carolina Senate and House have come to a consensus on a $21.7 billion state budget for the next two years. Since education comprises the single biggest item in the state budget, there is a lot of interest...
This series, entitled "Cut This, Go Home," includes several budget items that should no longer receive taxpayer funding because they fall well outside the legitimate, core functions of government.
The FY 2015-16 North Carolina state budget has finally been finalized. Was it worth the wait? Rather than wading through 400 pages of text, you can read here about the ten most interesting and important aspects of the budget in this article.
WRAL's Laura Leslie wrote about an Energy Forum held at the Legislature yesterday organized by opponents of renewable energy programs. (Translation from WRAL speak: opponents to taxpayer-funded renewable energy programs.) The central theme of Leslie's article seems to be the famous "Koch Brothers."
There were very few surprises during this summer's three-week federal court hearing to decide the fate of election reform legislation that was passed in 2013 and implemented in 2014 -- but there was one big revelation.
This series, entitled "Cut This, Go Home," includes several budget items that should no longer receive taxpayer funding because they fall well outside the legitimate, core functions of government.
On Friday, August 28, the Civitas Institute Center for Law and Freedom (CLF) filed suit against the City of Belmont, North Carolina, alleging violations of state public records law.
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