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Rainfall amounts rivaling those posted during Hurricane Floyd in 1999 are being accumulated across Beaufort County and its neighboring counties.
Alexandra Bloch presents her paintings of a very special subject. Be there for the opening at the Turnage Theater, and visit again while the exhibit is up through Halloween.
Original Washington's Tea Party will hopefully be as great a success as the recent Constitution Class at Harvest Church in Washington, NC.
There were no (zero) upset citizens protesting the new sex ed. curriculum when the School Board adopted the program last week. Chalk one up for the new superintendent, Dr. Don Phipps.
Beaufort County Commissioner Hood Richardson has long been an advocate for property rights in his opposition to the US Navy locating an Outlying Landing Field in Northeastern North Carolina.
Meeting in its regular monthly meeting on September 21, 2010 the Beaufort County Board of Education gave approval for a rather unique "fundraiser" at John Cotton Tayloe School.
Telemarketers got no reason to live? I imagine the melodic strains of an old Randy Newman tune as I type the preceding question. What do you think?
A Poem about being a Silly Dilly
Back in August, while being interviewed on another subject, Dick Morris mentioned that "congressional staffers get their student loans written off."
Washington's waterfront park - Festival Park - has proved to be the perfect location for concerts and the gathering of like-minded folks.
Scholars view the Constitution from 2 viewpoints: Some see the Constitution as an unchanging document; and others see the Constitution as a "Living Document."
It's becoming a Ground Zero for a heated exchange between those who respect the events of 9/11 and the Muslim community (represented by Imam Rauf) who doesn't seem to.
His speech to the Beaufort County Democratic Party Executive Committee attempted to cast a silver lining around the past two years, so that he and his Democratic colleagues can retain power.
I went to Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally two weeks ago, and then got right back into my van and drove back up to Washington D.C. for the 9/12 Rally.
This 6th installment in Diane Rufino's series examining Our Founding Principles considers the many clauses of the U.S. Constitution.
The Beaufort County Republican Party held its first-annual Pig Pickin' and Wine Tasting Fundraiser at Bennett's Vineyard in Edward, about 20 miles southeast of Chocowinity, Saturday afternoon.
Butterfield did not pay any lip service to Woolard's demand for his resignation during his speech yesterday morning before the Beaufort County Democratic Party Executive Committee.
This is install considers: the the first ten in the Bill of Rights, an overview of the Constitution, and then the remaining seventeen of the Bill of Rights.
The LifeStyles's Ironman Triathlon will make athletes out of regular folks just trying to stay healthy.
Supporters of Ashley Woolard, from several 1st Congressional District Counties, will gather at theBeaufort County Court House in Washington, NC (Saturday) in a silent demonstration against Congressman
All members of the BRHS Authority Board of Commissioners seem to agree that the primary reason for the income shortfall in 2010 was the loss in patient volume.
In this 4th segment of Diane Rufino's examination of our Founding Principles, she examines: Compact Federalism, the Federalist Farmer andAlexis de Tocqueville.
The Beaufort County Board of Commissioners applied quite a bit of muscle to firmly center Beaufort Regional Health System on the dual track to recovery, at its general meeting on Tuesday.
On Wednesday, September 8, 2010, President Barack went to Parma, Ohio to speak to the students, faculty and local labor union members at the Cuyahoga Community College.
I don't know about you, but I'm tired of honest, well-intentioned, patriotic Americans being called names, and especially racist ones.
Deatherage was the only commissioner to vote against the resolution on the grounds that spending $250,000 to scientifically prove the obvious would be wasteful.
The Turnage Theater will be celebrating the opening of its 4th Season on Friday, September 17th, with the legendary Folk music group, The Kingston Trio.
Labor Day traditionally begins the mid-term election campaign season and is a good point to reflect on what will happen in some eight short weeks.
It appears to the "Beaufort Observer Editorial Team" that comments from the public hearing on the furture of the Beaufort County Hospital were, for the most part, excellent, but ...
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