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In respect to the Congressman's honorable integrity, I would expect he would want to clear his name in this, or any other eastern North Carolina publication.
In four days, Beaufort Regional Health System will know, for sure, which of the 14 institutions that expressed interest in leasing the hospital are actually potential future partners.
The confidence boost provided by this light meal and our Firefly Tea cocktails made critiquing the celebrities as they walked the red carpet that much more fun.
Metal Gear Solid is the game that has had gamers of all ages running to the store for over 5 years. The question is, does Metal Gear Solid (MGS) live up to the years of build up? I think so but it dep
This 60-hour course will prepare students to take the U.S. Coast Guard Marine Captain’s Exam. Boatmanship, rules of the road, chair reading and mapping are just a few of the items covered in this cour
Birdsong Orthopedic Group specializes in orthopedic care that involves the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system.
The apocalypse of men's souls is the theme of this morality play played out upon the bleak landscape of a dying world.
Classes will begin Tuesday, Sept.7, for Beaufort County Community College's Commercial Truck Driver Training Program, with classes offered at a more affordable price for students, thanks to a gran
Press Release for immediate release concerning the management of the Beaufort County Medical Center.
Not only have these grassroots conservatives mastered the use of mass e-mailing and social networking, but they’ve perfected the art of enthusiastic, well-attended rallies and protests, as well.
Governor Perdue came to town Friday. It was embarrassing. Her handlers couldn't have done a much worse job, all the way around.
A growing number of the American youth is bridging the gap between American liberalism and Libertarianism as if it were the most natural thing in the world.
On August 17, 2010, BHP Billiton of Australia tendered an unsolicited offer to purchase Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan for 38.5 billion dollars.
The RFP is solid, but it does not address some of the important issue the Hospital board will have to address. One of those issues is short term cash flow.
This distinction is especially notable, in that only 12 of North Carolina’s 100 counties managed to earn an ‘A’ in government growth for the first decade of the 21st Century.
On August 4, a federal court in California struck down the gay marriage ban, popularly known as Proposition 8, and handed a victory to thousands of gays and lesbians.
Last Saturday the LA Times published student test data. Obviously that was not what made it revolutionary. But what they did was publish the data by teacher. And that if revolutionary.
The 1971 film adaptation of the classic musical Fiddler on the Roof is not only one of the best musicals of all time; it is also one of the best movies ever made.
At this point, I’ve tired of fried zucchini, squash casserole, the Southern favorite ‘Fire and Ice’ and stir fry. I’m on to coming up with ideas for fun and fresh salads that c
Like most horror games, Silent Hill 3 has a gameplay that is a combination of combat, exploration, and puzzle solving.
Good old-fashioned (John Maynard) Keynesian economic stimulus is not necessarily a bad thing; not if you spend the public’s money wisely.
This farcical hypothesis was presented at a symposium by mathematician / philosopher Arthur Seldom, played by character actor John Hurt.
Lawyer Rufino has supplied our funnybones with a bit of sustenance for one our favorite subjects: the plight, or is it blight, of lawyers.
Drinking can be hazardous to your health. But it makes me laugh ... at you.
Busch Gardens is the unique destination location where one generally revisits, and it always thrills the youngster in most of us.
Learn how to live a purposeful life in the eyes of your spouse or significant other.
Deatherage rejects the potentiality of replacing Baldwin with someone who didn’t earn their candidacy through the primary, only to take votes away from himself and Klemm.
Over 300 triathletes from across nine states now have our own Washington, North Carolina, circled on their events-destination maps.
This month's Market Report is simply a reminder that our financial environment looks a bit different than it did five years ago, and it may for a while to come.
Lawyer Rufino has supplied our funnybones with a bit of sustenance for one our favorite subjects: the plight, or is it blight, of lawyers.
As a human being, I am touched at the virtues that Shirley Sherrod came to embrace. I am thankful that her lesson is the one we are talking about instead of divisive racist inuendo.
While recruiting physicians may be difficult for Beaufort Regional Health Systems during its self-proclaimed financial crisis, at least we now know it’s not an impossible task.
Louis Ives is extra-eccentric, not only in his confused sexuality, but in his recurring fantasy of stepping back in time as Jay Gatsby.
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