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2009 ends with an unprecedented win for a local charity — an upset for anybody still on Team Scrooge.
This article has been provided to Beaufort County Now, and is posted subsequent to a special called meeting, on December 22, 2009, of the Beaufort County Commission regarding the impending Revaluation
The Turnage Theater celebrated Christmas early: "The Cowboy Way."
Jean Shepherd's humorist view a of one family's Christmas skewed toward the bizarre in a very cold northern Indiana - very industrial, very middleclass, and of course, very funny.
Beaufort County Manager Paul Spruill brought his traveling revaluation road show back to the county administration office to enjoy some home field advantage.
Director Steven Spielberg chooses relatively unknown actors for his cast to go one step further to create a sense of familiarity in the audience.
Major Capra was fresh from his stint in the U.S. Army Signal Corps. Colonel Stewart had just provided the U.S. Army Air Corps his best years. And these two great patriots made one great film.
The government named these bank robbers "public enemies," with John Dillinger as "Public Enemy No. 1." Ironically, the public saw the government, not the robbers as the real enemy.
Travis Bickle is "God's lonely man," peering at New York through the rear-view mirror of his taxi cab. Though he tries to make sincere human connections, Bickle finds himself lonelier.
Our School Board continues to violate the Open Meetings Law. The latest incident was Friday, December 18, 2009, when a special meeting was called without proper notification.
On Friday, December 18, 2009, a public hearing was held at the Archives and History Building, on Jones St., to guage whether the Community Colleges should continue to admit illegal immigrants.
North Carolina's Community College sponsored a public hearing to gain insight as to whether they should continue to admit students, who are in our country illegally.
Newly elected Beaufort County Board of Commissioners Chairman Jerry Langley will have his work cut for him if he wants to achieve a better workable relationship with the Beaufort County School Board.
The Beaufort County Commissioners broke a stranglehold on the "King Chairman" quagmire that has infected county politics, and the resulting governing of the county, for way too long.
Andrew Wyeth, the great American artist that was forever maligned by the "Art Heavies," never bowed to their shallow criticisms by compromising his artisitic integrity.
Williamsburg, Virginia may have been the Commonwealth of Virginia's second capital, but in the colonial period of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the nation of the United States of America.
The court found that the students were given the required hearings, both at the administrative level and at the board level and thus were not deprived of procedural due process.
"John Adams survives" were the final words of John Adams' nemesis turned enduring confidant, Thomas Jefferson, while the genius Virginian was on his deathbed.
Fairy tales do come true, but oh what a winding and precarious road they can take.
The Beaufort County School System has just lost the best Superintendent they have had since 2002.
Aboard the Elizabeth II, modeled after the 16th-century sailing vessel that brought the colonists to Roanoke Island, our favorite visiting writer finds himself buoyed by excitement and history.
"Bad Day at Blackrock?" It's a 1955 Western where the day started bad and got progressively worse. As an allegorical reference to the Board of Education it is most appropriate.
A Washington High School tradition, Stunt Night, observes its 46th year and this year's production did not disappoint.
The inaugural Art Walk on Thursday, November 19, 2009, was a huge success for the shop owners, and moreover, the art lovers who filled the streets of Washington, North Carolina.
Just about 13 miles west from the heart of Washington, DC is a piece of our nation's history: forgotten by some, never known by most, but it remains the C & O Canal.
Clint Eastwood directs this classic, for which he won the Oscar, and he proved, once again, in his role as former gun for hire, William Munny, that he is also a great actor.
This wonderful sparkly blanket was, in my vision, reminiscent of a Currier and Ives series of prints in my snow draped town of Washington, North Carolina.
Once a vagabond of the road, and now a man of letters, our visiting writer finds the courage and the stamina to make a life change after forty.
In its short and profound history, Washington, DC has befcome one of the most important cities in the world. I enjoy searching for its fundamental beauty.
Royal "Died Tragically Rescuing his Family from the Wreckage of a Destroyed Sinking Battleship"
Wilmington native Claude Howell was considered one of the North Carolina's artistic treasures.
Ashley Woolard kicks off his bid for the United States House of Representatives, 1st District seat.
Michael Corleone, the youngest son of the venerable Don, grew into the role of the crime family's Godfather, but it was never a good fit.
This Francis Ford Coppola classic, about a man trying to hold his family together while seeking the American Dream, launched the careers of a number of America's greatest actors.
The Francis Rogallo Kite Festival has become a yearly event, at Jockey's Ridge, celebrating the flying of specialized kites.
Commissioner Hood Richardson is still trying to get the school system to disclose how No Child Left Behind (NCLB) works. Good for him. Bad for the school system.
Rivers Cuomo, Brian Bell, Scott Shriner and Pat Wilson are back at it with the latest Weezer album which brings the total as of the time of this writing to be their seventh studio album.
Goose Creek State Park reminds me of my youth on warm summer days along the shores of the Pamlico, where no one lived. Where only the natural world knows the terrain; that what inhabits the forest.
This British Comedy, hailed by some as the best in years, is all talk and little believable substance.
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