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I know where I was when Osama was killed by Seal Team 6. It was Sunday night in North Carolina, and I was no closer to that cathartic event than was Barack Obama.
Mary Surratt may have been a loving mother, but it would eventually kill her. Regardless, President Lincoln was murdered and retribution must be exacted, irrespective of the accused's culpability.
The film, "Gravity", makes two broad statements: Outer Space affords one magnificent visual beauty, and there is no place more dangerous in sustaining one's life force.
The toughest and bloodiest war ever fought on this planet was fought all over the globe in two theaters of action. This is the story about one of them -The Pacific.
It was the late 1970's and America needed a booster shot. After the underwhelming presidency of Jimmy Carter and the American military's extended occupancy in Vietnam, some felt that a more conservative revolution was in order.
"Forrest Gump" is one of the five best films ever made. It is the best of American art ... in scope, in tone, in message.
Once Upon a Time in the West is a surreal exploration of an Italian director's view of the lawless West.
The Last Waltz is arguably Oscar Winner Martin Scorsese's best film as it documents The Band as they bid fairwell to an eclectic collection of their most adoring fans.
This remake of the 1939 film by Director / Actor Gary Sinise, of John Steinbeck's classic novel, communicates well the lengths men will go to survive, and yet retain some semblance of dignity.
Ridley Scott employed the perfect balance of narrative, cinematic imagery and adventure to build the timeless tale of a once great empire beginning its fall into the moral decay that was Rome.
They came from all over the United States to become part of something new - the 101st Airborne. These young Americans learned how to fight, but moreover, they learned to be brothers.



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RALEIGH, N.C. Hundreds of citizens from all across North Carolina gathered in Raleigh Tuesday for Religious Freedom Legislative Action Day in support of protecting religious freedom.

"Tuesday's legislative day of action in support of religious freedom was a great day for North Carolina," said Kami Mueller, spokesperson for the coalition of state leaders and national experts on religious freedom. "When 90 percent of the voting electorate polls in favor of protecting religious freedom, it should illicit the ears of decision-makers with a sense of urgency. When it is the overwhelming will of the people and when it is the right thing to do, it will always be worth fighting for regardless of the timeline."

Jamie Smith and his wife, Eliana, of Charlotte made the day a family affair with the hope of showing their three young children the importance of being involved in prot... (read more)
News Release:

North Carolinians prefer to vote for governor, legislators who would put religious freedom protections into law

RALEIGH, N.C. A new National Research poll of registered North Carolina voters released May 14 by the Civitas Institute shows overwhelming support for legislation in the state that provides legal protections for religious freedom. North Carolinians will also take this strongly held belief in protecting religious freedom to the ballot box, the poll found. Citizens are far more likely to vote for candidates who share their views on this freedom.

"Registered North Carolina voters not only believe in religious freedom, they want it secured in the laws of our state to protect citizens from government overreach," said North Carolina Values Coalition spokesperson Kami Mueller. "The polling data indicates that legislative action on religious freedom protection in N... (read more)

Op-Ed & Politics

Publisher's note: Brant Clifton speaks to the Conservative 'Green Jobs' that are so important to some in his "bare knuckles" Conservative online publication known as The Daily Haymaker.

We've all heard about the new 'conservative' group of solar energy fans seeking to continue government subsidies of the solar industry. (Never mind that solar energy is neither cheap nor 'green.' Never mind that - at best - solar is a supplement to more traditional methods of power delivery, and is not viable enough to stand on its own without government subsidies.)

The solar lobby had some success in the state House. As you can see in the graphic below, the head of the House Republican campaign effort is a big fan of these particular solar lobbyists.

Campaign ads lobbying the Senate on the solar issue are already making their way through cyberspace.

It appears the drive-bys have been enlis... (read more)
Publisher's note: Brant Clifton explains the missed opportunities of leveling the playing field to resemble reality in his "bare knuckles" Conservative online publication known as The Daily Haymaker.

The GOP takeover in Raleigh presented all kinds of opportunities to remake the political landscape for years to come. Long-time liberal bureaucrats could be weeded out of the state bureaucracy and be replaced with more even-keeled or conservative ones. (Yet, we have the governor's office falling all over itself to appoint Democrats to stuff.)

A great opportunity to remake the UNC system was also there. UNC has been churning out - on our dime - a whole lot of left-wing skulls of mush for decades. From the administrators to the faculty to the support staff (janitorial and cafeteria, et. al.) the place is packed with far-lefties. This nonsense has been growing and being nurtured on th... (read more)



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Sheriff Ernie Coleman and the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office is proud to partner with Kingdom Builders. Kingdom Builders is a local street ministry that has been handing out sleeping bags to people in need for the past year. A total of 20 sleeping bags have been given out since the program started.

Most of the effort has been in and around Washington but Kingdom Builders would like to reach more of Beaufort County. Dr. Frank Sheldon, representing Kingdom Builders met with Sheriff Ernie Coleman and Chief Deputy Charlie Rose. During the meeting it was decided that Kingdom Builders would provide sleeping bags to the Sheriff's Office. Patrol Deputies will keep a sleeping bag in their patrol vehicle and will give the sleeping bags to those that are in need, whether they are homeless or because of other circumstances. The sleeping bags will be replaced once given ou... (read more)


Some blame it on the sever Winter in the Northeast, but much of the United states had a very temperate winter.

The United States economy expanded at .2% for the first quarter, 2015, which is better than zero expansion in GDP (Gross Domestic Product), which is better than negative expansion, but not an economy that anyone should be proud of; certainly not the Obama Administration. With the Obama foreign policy in tatters since his 2009 Apology Tour, the Obama administration has long pointed to its major successes of government managed health care, ObamaCare, and income redistribution, and an improving economy propped by the Federal Reserve and massive government spending. Now it appears, at first blush, that the American economy could have a tough year in 2015.

The United States economy grew at a rate of 2.4 percent for all of 2014, which is virtually the base rate to stay at even, a... (read more)


The Region

Publisher's note: The author of this post, Amy Adams Ellis, is a contributor to ECU News Services.

ECU Physicians recognized for exceptional use of digital records
The clinical practice of the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University has been recognized for significantly improving patient care through the use of their electronic medical record system.

ECU Physicians was recently awarded nearly $2.2 million by the federal government for demonstrating "meaningful use" of their EMR system during 2014. This designation means that every eligible ECU health care provider exceeded dozens of specific quality measures set forth by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the agency that governs the use of digital health records in the U.S.

"This demonstrates that we're using our EMR to its fullest potential to achieve greater transparency with the patient," said Dr. To... (read more)

The Arts

Publisher's note: When you finish this Wyatt review, please spend a few moments using our Movie Database, and feel welcome to return. Nearly everything important to movies, plus great images are there.

I have always enjoyed film reviews ... well some of them. Obviously our readers do too.

Unlike all other local publications, we do film reviews, and we do them well. Part of our success is due to the quality of the reviews by our Standard Bearer, Wyatt Sanderman Day, and the other part is our superior technology that aids in our presentation of the review. This is an ongoing effort that we are committed to - it will always be in a state of evolution here at SNI.

Although Wyatt has produced the lion share of our top reviews, with other contributors having made indelible impressions, most notably Diane Rufino, whose review of "Gladiator" comes in, currently, in the fifth position ... (read more)
Publisher's note: When you finish this Wyatt review, please spend a few moments using our Movie Database, and feel welcome to return. Nearly everything important to movies, plus great images are there.

Where Were you When Osama bin Laden Died?

I know where I was when Osama was killed by Seal Team 6. It was a Sunday night in North Carolina, and I was no closer to that cathartic event than was Barack Obama.

In short in total reality, we (Americans) are mostly all far removed from the indelicacies of terrorists, terrorism, and those good heroes that protect us from it. "Zero Dark Thirty" is about those who tread in dark places for the common benefit of all. It is a terrible place, a pitiable existence for this new patriot, made worse by the conflicts of an American society that tends to channel, and reward, the better angels of its citizenry, but these patriots: the foreign servi... (read more)



Press Release:
Socius Health Solutions innovates health care delivery to improve quality, deliver best value
North Carolina (March 24, 2015) — Six months ago, three of North Carolina's leading health systems announced plans to create a new company, owned by all three organizations, with the goal of working together to improve quality and affordability for patients across the state. Today, Vidant Health, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and WakeMed Health & Hospitals continue to forge ahead with the innovative, value-based business model, naming the shared services company as well as its president, Mark W. Tribbett.

True to its core Latin meaning — sharing, associated, allied — the word socius reflects the individual health care systems' similar missions, visions, values and strategic focus. A fitting name for the company, Socius Health Solutions brings together t... (read more)


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This Saturday, June 23, 2012, there will be a PraiseFest event on Washington's Waterfront from from 1:00 to 6:00 pm.

See the image below for all of the details:... (read more)